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Yinon Bar Shir

Yinon Bar-Shir Is a Talented Singer and Songwriter

Yinon Bar-ShirYinon Bar-Shir thinks out loud and sings about what he knows. As a talented vocalist and songwriter, he uses his love of music and his lyrical skill to relate to the common man. Strumming a bluesy riff on the guitar and belting out a heartfelt tune, Bar-Shir takes what may be a daily reality and turns it into an art form. His special ability, to artfully communicate about every day tasks and emotions, sparks recognition and incites empathy in his audience.


Yinon Bar-Shir may be a working man by day, but when the work is done, the melody is just beginning. Often enough, however, the two worlds collide. In his song, “Midnight’s Blues,” he confides about how we all “burn the midnight oil,” working late just to make ends meet. Is it a lament or a confession? Or is he just commiserating with his fellow wage earners. Living his passion, he sings about life as he knows it and leaves it up to his audience to take away what they might. Usually a tune in their head and a catchy refrain on their tongue, nodding in agreement to the sentiment just divulged.


With the ability to sing, play guitar and write his own songs, Yinon Bar-Shir has a true understanding of music. Most folks do what they must to get by, each possibly imagining an alternate, fantasy lifestyle, where they are able to do what it is that brings them joy. Yinon Bar-Shir makes his a reality. Living the dream. And sharing it with anyone who will listen.


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